Content Policy

These are the official review and posting guidelines (“Content Policy”) for (“Site”, “we”, “us” or “our”) and is a part of our “Terms and Conditions” The Site allows user generated feedback on golf professionals and their teaching as well as on the quality of the facilities that they teach in. Golf Professional (GP) ratings should only be posted by users who have taken lessons from the GP being rated, regardless of whether those lessons were individual or in a group setting. For each golf professional you have worked with, you are limited to posting one (1) review.

Please review the following guidelines before posting a rating and/or comment on the Site:


  • Submit helpful comments that mention the GP’s ability to diagnose problems, teach, and/or communicate effectively, as well as what the objective or focus of your lessons may have been. A lesson focused solely on the short game is very different that one focused on straightening out your driver.
  • Be honest and objective in your comments and ratings of your Pro and their facilities. Please factor your own practice into the results from your lessons when reviewing and rating a GP;
  • Limit your comments to the GP’s teaching and the work you’ve done together, in other words their professional abilities only;
  • Mention the technology that may have been used or was available, or the lack thereof in your comments as readers are interested to know what was involved in your lessons;
  • Negative comments should be focused on offering constructive criticism or making sure readers know who might or might not be a good fit with the GP;
  • Reread your comments before submitting. Poorly written submissions with many misspellings can be discounted by readers;


  • Report a review simply because you do not agree with it
  • Rate yourself or other GP’s, if you are a GP yourself;
  • Post a review of a GP if you have not taken lessons from the GP you are reviewing;
  • Include any piece of information in a review that may identify you or any other of the GP’s customers in your reviews;
  • Include any piece of identifiable personal information for a GP that would allow someone to access the GP outside of his business location and operation. Avoid any comments about a GP’s family and/or personal life. These reviews will NOT be posted on the website.
  • Rate a GP more than once;
  • Reference existing comments or comments that have been deleted by our moderators. Your review should focus solely on YOUR experience with the GP regardless of whether it is consistent with what others have posted;
  • Post a review or speak in your review on behalf of other people;
  • Post hyperlinks and/or URLs in a review;

We reserve the right to remove any comments deemed as inappropriate, libellous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or that otherwise violate the “Terms and Conditions”


  • A language other than English. Comments must be written in English only.
  • Profanity, name-calling, and/or vulgarity, derogatory remarks about religion, ethnicity or race, mental and/or physical disabilities;
  • Any comments that could be considered sexual including sexual innuendos;
  • Claims that a GP shows bias for or against a particular person or group;
  • Claims about a GP’s current or past employment status;
  • Claims that a GP has engaged in illegal activities, or;
  • Accusations that the GP is violating any of our terms and conditions including rating him/herself or his/her colleagues.

The “Do Not” section of these Review Guidelines will be strictly enforced and the Site reserves all rights to delete or otherwise take appropriate action regarding any violations. If you see a rating that you believe violates the “Content Policy”, please click the “Report This Review” button and state the problem. Such comments will be evaluated by the moderator.
Please note, all the reviews on this website are user submitted and should be treated only as opinions. They are not the opinions of Kadii, or any of its affiliates.
The Site reserves the right to delete, provide to authorities or otherwise take appropriate action regarding comments that threaten violence or bodily harm to another user or pro including, but not limited to, notifying the authorities of the time you posted your review, and your IP address and taking any action as described in the “Terms and Conditions”

Pro / Instructor Response Guidelines

Additionally, please note that the above referenced guidelines are also applicable for any response posted by a Pro to a review. As a reminder, please do not include any identifiable information about a student/customer that would allow someone to contact him/her. This also includes remarks about their family, personal and/or professional life.