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Kerrod Gray


Teaching Professional

Location / Facility

Joondalup Resort

Business Name

Kerrod Gray Golf Coaching






PGA Professional, Short Game, Junior Golf


About Me

Kerrod is an industry awarded PGA professional and the spearhead of a new generation of golf coaches. In a sport which is being driven by science and technology there’s always the need for those who can understand the information in its complexity in order to break it down and explain it in its simplicity.

Kerrod is driven to improve himself constantly, he thinks of himself as a student of the game, always seeking out new information and people from whom he can learn. His passion for furthering his knowledge has led him to gain world recognised certifications and personally learn from a number of Top-100 coaches, including Dave Phillips, James Sieckman, Jeff Ritter, and Cameron McCormick (Jordan Speith’s coach).

Kerrod has competed at the highest level, representing Australia as a junior and winning tournaments across all levels. He still plays in tournaments however his focus and passion is coaching. He works hard to stay abreast of the latest golf technology and information so that he as a coach can guide players to be the best that they can be by improving their game in a holistic fashion.

Most recently Kerrod was named the 2016 West Australian PGA Professional of the Year and spent 2 months coaching some of Americas best juniors in Pebble Beach, California.


Advanced Coach of the PGA of Australia

Trackman Level 2 Certified

TPI Certified

Swing Catalyst Certified

Golf Biomechanics Certified – Dr. Kwon

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