So You Want to be a Golf Professional

‘Would I be good enough to play on Tour?’

‘Would I like a career as a Golf coach?’

‘Would I like a rewarding career in the golfing industry?’

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, we’ll give you a rundown on how to get yourself started down the path to achieving your goals.


Who is this for?

The PGA Traineeship is for people wanting a qualification specific to the golfing industry. It gives you the ability to work in various fields within the industry and also the opportunity to compete and earn money playing as a Golf Professional.

As there are numerous PGA Divisions all across the world, we can’t go through all the different programs available. We will however run you through one of the top PGA Traineeship’s programs from Australia. This particular program is a 3 year course designed and run by the PGA of Australia. It’s an in depth course that covers all aspects of the industry that prepares the graduates for a life in the golfing workplace.

One stipulation on entering the course is that you have to be a competent golfer prior to applying. Currently males need to be playing off a 3 handicap or less and ladies 5 or less. There are other criteria that needs to be met, which can be found on the PGA website.

Below is a list of what the Traineeship encompasses. This will give you an idea of what to expect throughout your time.

  • Work full time in a Pro Shop or approved golfing facility (38 hours per week)
  • Study online (assignments to be completed and sent into the PGA)
  • Attend Intensive Schools (local and interstate)
  • Complete practical assessments with assigned Mentors and Head Professional
  • Pass yearly written and practical exams
  • Compete in a minimum of 20 PGA sanctioned events per year
  • Compete in your State Championships

The Traineeship is more difficult than most people believe. You need to be good at planning as the workload is extensive and things can get away from you quickly. You work full time, study, complete assessments, practice and compete in weekly PGA Trainee events. Prior to putting your application in, make sure you’re willing to make some sacrifices. You need to be ready to put the time and effort into the program to be able to pass and get the most out of it.

If you choose the Traineeship, you’ll make a bunch of friends, compete in high class tournaments, get hands on experience and achieve a world class education. For those of you that are interested, it’s definitely worth it!

Check out the link below for more information and how to put in your application.

PGA of Australia Trainee Program


Who is this for?

The PGA IGI Courses are for anybody wanting a qualification that is specific to the golfing industry. You have the freedom to choose your pathway, whether it’s Tour School, Coaching, Management or other industry related roles.

Below is an outtake from the PGA IGI website;

PGA IGI is an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that offers education through its golf management programs. Our study programs combine business management with golf training & practical golf skills to prepare you for a career in the golf industry. PGA IGI courses will further both golf playing careers and careers in golf management.

Delivering Australia’s only Diploma in Golf Management, we are the only PGA endorsed provider of golf education qualifications in Australia. We offer pathway learning into selected Higher Education facilities, allowing students to study one or three-year programs combining golf and Bachelor Degree programs. PGA IGI programs get accepted for credit transfer and recognised prior learning with the PGA of Australia’s PGA Trainee Program (selection criteria applies).

PGA IGI facilitates career pathways for its graduates – the PGA Traineeship, Tour School, University and various golf industry management positions such as General Manager, Director of Golf, Golf Operations Manager, Tournament Coordinator.

The PGA IGI program is currently run from 2 different locations within Australia.


Sanctuary Golf Club, Gold Coast QLD

GOLF CLUB (Membership Included)

Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club – The Palms Course


International College of Management, Manly NSW

GOLF CLUB (Membership Included)

Monash Country Club (Top 100 Australian Golf Course)

Once you’ve completed your Diploma of Golf Management you then have a variety of different avenues for which to explore. We’ve provided some of these below;

  1. Start work in the Golfing Industry
  2. Enrol in the 2nd Year of the PGA Traineeship (To complete the 2nd and 3rd year)
  3. Undertake a Bachelor Degree (2 Years) – Then;
    1. Start work in the Golfing Industry
    2. Enrol in the 3rd Year of the PGA Traineeship

There are some requirements that need to be met prior to applying, which can be found on the PGA IGI website. If you want to be involved in the Golfing Industry and also have the added option of completing a Bachelor Degree, then PGA IGI program is an excellent way to get started.



Who is this for?

Q School is for golfers wanting to compete for a living on the various tours around the world.

Going to Q School is the most difficult and stressful pathway to becoming a Golf Professional. You need to be prepared mentally, physically and have the game to back it all up. Don’t go into this half heartedly as it’s an expensive and time consuming avenue.

Simply put, Q School is a way for the different Tours to give out playing rights to golfers. Players will compete in different stages (varies between different Tours) and progress to the next stage if they’ve made the cut. This process is followed until the Final Stage where the winner and allocated Tour Cards are presented (Tour card allocating depends on the Tour) .

Below is an example of the European Tour Q School;

1st Qualifying Stage – 72 Holes

2nd Qualifying Stage – 72 Holes

Final Qualifying Stage – 108 Holes (After 72 Holes the field is cut to 70 players plus ties)

At the conclusion of the Final Qualifying Stage, the top 25 will be granted Full Playing Rights on the European Tour. The Top 25!! However all players that make the final 70, will gain restricted rights to the European Tour. It’s a tough road and you need to be on your game in every round to get your card.

As for expense, this will give you an idea of what you’d be up for. To try and make the grade on the Tour it will currently cost you up to $4,500 US ($6,300 AUD) just to put in the application!! You then have to make your way through the Pre-Qualifying, 1st Stage, 2nd Stage and then if you’ve done well, the Final Stage! Just remember that all travel, accommodation and general expenses are funded by yourself. Not cheap when you need to make your way around the country and pay your caddie!

To sum it up, making the grade through Q School is difficult (The winner of the 2015 Q School shot 20 under par in the Final Stage). We are not discouraging people from trying, you need to ensure that you give your dreams a shot, but just make sure you’re prepared. Put the practice in, do your research, even try get someone to fund you and keep a cool head throughout the events. If you’re good enough and make the grade then an amazing life on Tour awaits!

At Kadii we wish the best of luck to everyone that takes this path!

Below are the links to some of the Q School websites around the world;

Australasian Tour Tour

European Tour

Asian Tour

One Asia

Sunshine Tour