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Do you watch golf on TV? If you don’t, you should, because modern golf coverage is better than it ever has been. From live television to mobile internet streaming, and with so many different tours around the world being broadcast live, now is the time to start learning from the pros on tour. Here’s how to watch and learn how to polish your putting with the pre-putt walk.


 Much emphasis is made about the final shots of each hole, and if you watch carefully you will notice that all golf professionals do something special prior to putting: the pre-putt walk. While they all have their own individual routines (which are rehearsed to the finest detail), watch carefully to see where each pro walks prior to making their stroke.

Most amateurs will mark their ball, then stand behind it and examine the direct angle to the hole. Then they’ll replace their ball, have a quick practice stroke, take the putt and generally miss. But tour pro players will walk behind the hole, take a side view, and examine the shot from all angles.

And the reason is simple. They gain a more informed perspective of the shot that they are about to take. By taking the opportunity to walk out the distance of each putt and feel what the green is doing below their feet, they place themselves in a much better stead to succeed.

So next time you’re out on the course, imitate the pros. And while I don’t want to encourage slow play, take the time to see exactly what is happening with your putt. When it comes time to take your putt, walk around to the other side of the flag and analyse it from each angle. Pace out the distance and feel the subtle changes in the green. Learn the contours of the ground, and take note of the exact distance between your ball and the hole, and everything between.

Then, and only then, you’ll be ready to putt with a much clearer picture in your mind of how to get the ball in the hole, all learned from quality time spent in front of the television.

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