Why Review a Golf Professional

‘Why would I review a Golf Professional?’ It’s going to be a question on many of your minds when you come to Kadii. There are numerous different reasons why you should, and lucky for you, all of them will help benefit you as a golfer and the golfing community as a whole.


We want to be able to provide accurate, reliable and constructive feedback to the Golf Professionals around the world. This will give them an insight into what areas they are performing well in and what areas that require improvement. By providing feedback you’ll be helping to improve their skills and knowledge, which will in turn ensure a better service for you.

Finding the right Golf Professional

At Kadii we want one website where you can find the right coach to improve your game. By reviewing your lessons, you’ll be providing information for other golfers that are interested in taking lessons. Your reviews will provide detailed information and will give golfers a better idea if a particular Golf Professional would be a good fit for their game and learning styles. In essence, you’ll be helping people all around the world to improve their game!

Breaking down barriers

A lot of people want golf lessons and either don’t know where to start or don’t feel comfortable approaching a Golf Professional for help. We want to break down that barrier and show you that getting a lesson isn’t something to be tentative or nervous about. The reviews you put on Kadii will provide other golfers, with detailed information on a coach’s personality and coaching style, all of which can be viewed in the privacy of their own homes. After finding a suitable Golf Professional, you can then take the next step in improving your game.